Poker Stars Residential Remote Desktops

While many people know what a desktop is, many do not know the term "Poker Residential Remote Desktops."

So what is it and how does it work? Designed specifically for poker players, and based on a residential internet service provider, this is the same thing as your computer at home, but in many cases much stronger. Generally residential remote desktops being sold on the market today come with very powerful processors, even 2 processors at times depending upon what kind of power the client is looking for.

In the case of poker players, providers need huge amounts of processing and ram power (memory) to create a workable setup for the ambitious players that multi-table and use a hud. This is primarily the typical setup that Poker Stars players will need. As Poker Stars players come from all over the world, with the primary emphasis on Europe, we have moved significant resources to this region to keep up with growing demand.

Shortly GPU-supported units will also be released as well. GPU’s provide a system with additional graphics and rendering so your playing would be similar to HD graphics. Some players have asked us in the past whether dual-monitors are supported on their end. Yes, dual-monitors are already supported on these systems whether they have gpu support or not.



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